Introduction to 2G-HTS Coil Winding

The importance of high performance superconducting coil rises in many applications such as High Energy Physics, Power Grid and Medical Imaging as superconductor technology is being rapidly developed. In the process of R&D of applications product, its performance is directly influenced by the quality of coil winding. We are experienced in optimizing wire performance and coil winding, and work closely many partners including Dongfang Electric and Chinese Academy of Science to develop and improve coil winding techniques.

Service Catalogue

1. Coil Simulation: electromagnetic simulation, including resonance frequency, Q factor and magnetic field distribution

2. Coil Structure: design and preparation of skeleton

3. Coil Material: 2G-HTS tapes with variable specifications

4. Coil Winding: induction/non-induction and insulating/non-insulating coil

5. Coil Testing: critical current measurement at 77K