Introduction to the Joint Application Development Service

As of today, the world's new energy, new material and information technology have entered an unprecedented stage of rapid development. Superconducting material, after more than 10 decades of technical accumulation, has also embraced a golden period of rapid development. As a revolutionary lossless electric conductor, superconducting material opens up a large number of new possibilities. The second generation high temperature superconducting tapes can be used in many applications including power transmission (superconducting cable), power generation (fusion and wind mills), military (superconducting motor and aircraft launch system), medical (magnetic resonance imaging) and transportation systems (superconducting maglev train), which directly push forward the development of superconducting material industry and benefit mankind.

Shanghai superconductor has been working closely with China Southern Power Grid, Dongfang Electric, Tsinghua University and many other institutions to develop superconducting fault current limiter, motors, induction heating systems and other superconducting applications. The research and development team of Shanghai superconductor has brought together scientists and experienced engineers from top universities and research institutes from around the world. Tailoring to the needs and requirements of end-users, we jointly develop superconducting applications and deliver the most appropriate and cost-effective solutions.