Introduction to Analogue Simulation Services

With the rapid development of computer technology, analogue simulation is extensively implemented to national defense, industry and other aspects of human life, especially to the demonstration, development, production, application and maintenance process of modern high-tech equipment. It offers high efficiency and precision under very low cost. Owing to the mutual authentication of theoretical analysis and experimental practice, analogue simulation can effectively save the production cost, shorten the development cycle and improve the product quality.

Our mature analogue simulation team can provide analogue simulation services of multiple physics disciplines, including:

1. Analogue simulation service of thermal field is extensively applied to solve heating and cooling issues under vacuum and atmospheric environment. By considering the spatial and temporal distribution of temperature field under all modes of heat transfer, it improves the design, the heating and cooling effects as well as the uniformity of temperature distribution.

2. Analogue simulation service of mechanics is used to carry out stress and strain analysis on vacuum chamber and various mechanical components, which enhances the mechanical performance and save the processing cost. It also gives fatigue analysis to components such as bearings and thermal-stress analysis induced by temperature change.

3. Analogue simulation service of flow field investigates the air flow distribution inside the vacuum chamber under viscous flow or molecular flow state. On the basis of investigation results, it gives better solution on placing locations of inlet and outlet, and improves the deposition conditions. Analogue simulations of multiphase flow hydrodynamics and transonic aerodynamics as well as optimization design of water-cooling plate channels are also included in this service.

4. Analogue simulation service of electric field and magnetic field simulates the static electric field distribution of electronic components under high voltages and the current density distribution of materials under the simulation of electric field. Besides, it analyses the static magnetic fields in magnetron sputtering system andsuperconducting magnetic coupling system, and studies the dynamics of charged particles in magnetic field. 

5. Analogue simulation service of particle deposition establishes the simulation of thin film growth at atomic level so as to investigate the film thickness distribution and the influences of mask and baffles. Moreover, it can simulate deposition particles with different elements, particle energies and incident angles at atomic level so as to figure out the effects of those factors to the thin film growth.

Our Strength 

1. We have a professional service team that is highly educated and skilled in multi-field.

2. We have kept deep cooperative relationships with top universities including Shanghai Jiao Tong University to provide technical support of the highest level in various disciplines;

3. Our team is equipped with complete hardware facilities and compute servers, which can conduct high-performance computation for complicated problems and complex structures;

4. Our team is capable of designing and conducting experiments, measuring key physical parameters as well as verifying the simulation models.

Typical Cases

1. Temperature field simulation of the infrared radiation heating plate with a water-cooling plate

2. Gas flow analysis inside the chamber of IBAD

3. Structural mechanics analysis of a vacuum deposition equipment chamber

4. Stress and fatigue analysis on bearings

5. Electric field simulation analysis on the anode structural design of magnetron sputtering target

6. Simulation of Al2O3 growth on the MgO substrate