With the increasing depletion and exhaustion of minerals in the world, higher demands for the mineral quality and limits of related environmental protection regulations, new challenges have also been posed to the mineral processing technology and device. As a technology of physical concentration, superconducting magnetic separation system can not only reduce the energy consumption, but also improve the product quality effectively and promote the subsequent application of products. 

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Superconducting Magnetic Separator

1. Brief Introduction

Regular magnetic separation consists of two types, permanent magnet and electromagnetism. The former generates a relatively small magnetic field, and the maximum magnetic field intensity of electromagnet with an iron core is about 2T. But the electromagnet without an iron core can only prevent the winding melting through huge electric excitation and the use of substantial cooling water, which has an extremely high operating cost. The superconducting magnetic separation takes the superconducting magnet as the source of magnetic field. Without consuming the electric power, it can maintain a low temperature with a small power, and enable the superconducting magnet to operate normally and generate a strong magnetic field. Without iron core or water cooling problems, it has a broad application prospect. 

High temperature superconducting concentration and excitation technology mainly takes place of the regular cooper coil and permanent magnet with resistance-free and high-magnetic-field high temperature superconducting magnet, with remarkable advantages in the separation and purification of ultra-fine particles and weak magnetic minerals, for instance, schreyerite, brasses, hematite, etc. It can be applied to the excitation end or magnetic separation end, for improving the separation performance substantially.

2. Values for Clients

 ⊙ Lower the weight of equipment substantially, from ten tons to several hundred kilograms.

 ⊙ Beneficiation quality is improved greatly, it can separate the super-fine particles and weak magnetic minerals, lower the diameter from 10-80mm to 0.1-1mm, and the market value of minerals is increased by 300 to 400%.

 ⊙ High gradient magnetic field will shorten the excitation and magnetic separation time greatly, and the productivity rate is improved remarkably.

 ⊙ Zero-resistance characteristic of high-temperature superconducting reduces the energy consumption greatly, low cooling cost.