Satellite and Communication 

In today’s society, with the high development of science and technology, the demand for information acquisition and exchange grows drastically, which has set an extremely high requirement on the quality, coverage and transmission capacity of mobile communication. Currently, due to the limited wireless data transmission capacity, interference of devices also deteriorates and with the constant expansion of frequency band. In addition, spectrum resource becomes increasingly scarce and expensive, for instance, the 20MHz spectrum resource of FCC frequency band has already been bid for as high as 34 billion USD. Superconducting filter has ideal filtering performance, which brings more possibilities for the development of the communication technology. 

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Superconducting Band Pass Filter

1. Brief Introduction

Regular filter may suffer certain loss due to the metallic resistance, and cannot reach an ideal filtering effect. Besides, in the microwave frequency band of filter, the resistance of high-temperature superconducting material is 2 to 4 orders of magnitudes lower than that of common metals. Consequently, filters prepared with high temperature superconducting film have a series of incomparable and ideal filtering performance that cannot be matched by a series of regular filters. As for satellites, superconducting filters can improve the utilization of power resources effectively. As for the ground, superconducting filters can reduce the transmitting power of ground devices (especially for the application of ground mobile user receiver), and reduce the size and weight of devices. 

Currently, great research and application progress has already been made for the high-temperature superconducting filter and its sub-systems in various fields, including the radar guidance, satellite communication, wireless communication, electronic countermeasures, etc. America has already promoted the high-temperature superconducting filter to the market and realized the batch application successfully. 

2. Values for Clients

 ⊙ Reduce the cell phone transmitting power by 50%, and improve the quality of connection

 ⊙ Improve the base station utilization rate, and lower the input of base station construction remarkably

 ⊙ Strong capacity of resisting disturbance, enhance the calls number of base stations greatly

 ⊙ Make full use of existing frequency resources, and save the cost of spectrum resource