New Energy

In the present world, energy problem grows more and more prominent, and it turns to be an important task for scientists to resolve the social energy and environmental problems and look for renewable and sustainable energy. Currently, nuclear fusion research is a major international cooperation plan launched for settling the future energy problems of the humankind. Different from the non-renewable energy resource and regular clean energy, the fusion energy is infinite, without environmental pollution or high-level radioactive waste, as one of the dominant forms of energy in the future. 

Besides the fusion energy, wind energy is also one of the new energies with remarkable advantages. At present, one of the most common forms of wind energy utilization shall be the wind power generation. 

Related Products and Applications:

Controlled Nuclear Fusion

1. Brief Introduction

The key to implement a nuclear fusion reaction is to restrain high-temperature plasma within a vacuum space through a high-intensity magnetic field. Among devices implementing the magnetic confinement, tokamak device is the most important. The establishment of a nuclear fusion reactor with tokamak device requires the generation of a two-pole magnetic field above 10T within dozens of meters of space, and only superconducting magnet can meet the requirement. The second-generation high temperature superconducting wire with excellent low temperature and high field performance shall be an optimal choice of compact or spherical tokamak device, since it can realize zero-resistance current in a strong magnetic field when the temperature is much higher than the absolute zero, and reduce problems concerning the cooling and protection of high-energy neutrons. 

2. Values for Clients

 ⊙ Produce a high-intensity magnetic field

 ⊙ Reduce the project cost substantially

Superconducting Motor (Offshore Wind Turbine Generator)

1. Brief Introduction

Superconducting wind generator is a type of generator with superconducting wire as the rotor winding and slotless core as the stator armature, and with stator winding in the air gap or internal water cooling. It is suitable for the offshore wind power generation network. Superconducting technology can also minimize the generator and motor, realizing higher power and more stable performance. Besides, it can take place of the heavy generating facilities, making it possible for reducing the noise of the motor and serving the military. 

2. Values for Clients

 ⊙ Reduce the infrastructure input of the wind field, as well as the hoisting cost

 ⊙ The energy loss is about 40% of the traditional motor, while the size and weight can be reduced by 60%

 ⊙ It can reduce the noise, lengthen the sustaining capacity and save the operating cost effectively