Industrial Applications

How to make the energy-consuming mental processing more energy-efficient with higher performance has always been an important task of the de-capacity and upgrading of the industrial circle. All traditional industrial enterprises start to seek new technologies to help with the production reform, so as to create basic products of higher quality.

Related Products and Applications:

Superconducting Induction Heater

1. Brief Introduction

The superconducting induction heater, a subversive aluminum/metal extrusion technology, realizes the DC induction heating of aluminum or other metals with the electromagnet made by superconducting materials. Superconducting induction heater adopts the “two driven by one” heating method, namely one superconducting magnet supplies the heat for two aluminum bars, and the total power is about 1MW. The successful development of superconducting induction heater symbolizes a crucial step in the grasp of efficient energy-saving aluminum bar heating technology, and plays a critical role in improving the material processing technical basis of high-end equipment manufacturing industry. 

2. Values for Clients

 ⊙ The heating efficiency can reach 80 to 85%, twice of the regular induction heater, and the energy consumption is reduced by 60% when compared with regular induction heater. 

 ⊙ Excellent heating homogeneity, and the depth of heat penetration is above 5 times of the regular induction heater, the temperature difference of the core can be controlled within ±5 degrees.

 ⊙ The temperature gradient can be controlled linearly, the highest linear axial temperature is 100℃, with good repeatability of process.