Thin Film Deposition

In Made in China 2025 and the Thirteenth Five-year Planning Outline, it is clarified to “break through the manufacturing and application technology of key components and materials, such as high power electronic device, high-temperature superconducting material, etc. and form the capability of industrialization”. It is predicted that in the future five years, high temperature superconducting industry will be the focus of industry, while the promotion of high-temperature superconducting strip production line will be an irresistible trend. Currently, Shanghai Superconducting is the only enterprise realizing the sales of second-generation high temperature superconducting strip and production lines. 

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2G HTS “Turn-Key” Production Line

1. Brief Introduction

Shanghai Superconducting has researched and developed the physical strip production line independently on the basis of second-generation high temperature superconducting strip after ten years of technical accumulation. The production line has already been put into use. 

High temperature superconducting strip production line includes such manufacturing equipment as the base metal polishing device, RF-SPD, DC-SPD, IBAD, PLD, slitting, electroplating, lamination device, etc. dynamic detection device and tensile stress device, such as the step profiler, optical microscope, AFM, X-ray diffractometer, RHEED, infrared thermometer, etc. as well as subsequent strip performance characterization devices, such as the tensile stress device, turning radius measurement device, continuous electric current measurement device, etc. Based on the independent equipment, Shanghai Superconducting also provides technical supports, covering the equipment debugging, staff training, factory construction guidance, etc. to make sure that customers can reach the expected production goal. 

2. Values for Clients

 ⊙ High technical threshold, realize the high-temperature superconducting strip production stably.

 ⊙ Each production line would produce 300 km of strip per year (30px).

 ⊙ Sustainable scientific research and innovation ability, improve the production line and technology constantly, guarantee the synchronous update with the international leading level.