Social Responsibility

With dreams and brevity to rise to challenges, Shanghai Superconductor Technology has always been practicing morally, and strive to fulfill our responsibilities of technological innovation, employee care, energy conservation, environmental protection, and community service. 

 Technological Innovation

By adhering to independent innovation of world-leading standard, we firmly believe that innovation is the source of power and mission of the corporate development. As a strategic high-tech enterprise in Shanghai, we have been devoted to the independent development of core technology in upstream, mid-stream and downstream industrial chain of 2G-HTS materials. We spare no efforts to create our intellectual property rights, and lay a solid foundation for the rise of HTS industry in China. 

Employee Care  

We uphold "human orientation" and attempt to create a talent cradle of "developing talents, cultivating talents and respecting talents", so as to provide a broad occupational development stage, a healthy working environment and diversified spare-time activities for employees, and implement the employee care plan and educational training plan comprehensively.

Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection  

The capability of 2G-HTS wires to carry electricity with zero loss determines that we will become a powerful initiator and defender of green technology, aiming to reduce energy loss and improve energy efficiency, and make contributions to save scarce resources. 

 Community service  

We have been devoted to contributing to the society and serving the public, for instance by subsidizing the infrastructure construction of colleges and universities, providing first-class products for large-scale national scientific research projects and related industries with advanced technologies. We will push forward relentlessly to promote national industries and realize the national rejuvenation.