Development Strategy

To play a vital role in frontier technologies with high added values, and create maximum economic output with minimum use of resources; to take the lead in the reforms of upstream, midstream and downstream industries; to boost national economy, improve living standard and guide technological development. 

With final products as the core and economic value as the criterion, to positively explore the demands of clients, give full play to the cost advantage of 2G-HTS wires, create practical target products that are accepted by the market in different development stages, drive the sales of 2G-HTS wires with end products, and make rigorous plans for the match of production capacity and end products. 

To reduce the production cost substantially and continuously, enhance the large-scale marketization of 2G-HTS wires, provide the most cost-effective 2G-HTS wires in the world, take the lead in global technologies, and offer technological upgrades for large-scale production.

To focus on R&D and market by keeping a low asset-liability ratio, engage in the formation of superconductor industrial chain through overall arrangements of the upstream, midstream and downstream industries, promote 2G-HTS wires and superconductor end products synchronously, and stick to the industrialization development mode of "creating demands and cultivating the market". 

To continuously develop and upgrade 2G-HTS applications, including the superconducting induction heating system, superconducting magnets, superconducting motors and DC power cables, and launch strategic research and development plans in all fields to push forward superconductor applications. With the progress of research and development and enhanced recognition of superconductor products, to promote R&D products in the market. To connect the construction of 2G-HTS production line to the end products, and promote sales of the production line on the basis of meeting the development and production demand within the company.

To develop and cultivate the market with partners, drive the industrial reform of superconductor applications, create an open and win-win platform, and push forward the four-in-one "industry-university-research institue-enterprise development route and guideline.