Shanghai Superconductor Technology Co., Ltd is a strategic high-tech enterprise established in 2011 through in-depth cooperation with Shanghai Jiaotong University. The company has gathered a team of scientists from top universities and research institutes worldwide, and experienced equipment and process engineers, aiming to provide world-class products and services to customers.  

To accelerate the development of superconductor industry, Shanghai Superconductor Technology has achieved full autonomization of the superconducting wire production system and significantly improved the performance-to-price ratio of 2G-HTS wires. 

Shanghai Superconductor Technology employs physical vapour deposition and manufactures custom, cost effective 2G-HTS wires with superior mechanical properties and world leading critical current densities especially at high magentic field and low temperature. The company also provides peripheral products and services including coil winding and vacuum deposition systems.

Shanghai Superconductor Technology strives to revitalize the high-end manufacturing industry in China and devotes to establishing a world-class enterprise "Created in China".