Development History


Successfully developed the first 100m 2G-HTS with an Ic of 300 A/cm-w and laid foundation for commercialization


Shanghai Superconductor Technology Co., Ltd. established

Gathering elite scientists and engineers from around the world and striving to overcome obstacles in commercialization of 2G-HTS wires.


Completed the construction of the first km-class 2G-HTS production line

By the end of 2013 Shanghai Superconductor Technology had finished installing the first domestic km-class 2G-HTS production line


Continuous development of 2G-HTS wires

Low resistance joint |  Achieved the world's lowest resistance in industrial joints                          

Piece length | 100m piece length with average Ic of 500 A/cm-w

Deposition technique | Deposition processes of various layers in 2G-HTS wires optimized for km-class wire production

Substrate | Realization of substrate production

Short sample | Ic of short sample reached 700 A/cm-w


1. Mass production of 2G-HTS wires with excellent critical current densities at high magnetic field and low temperature by physical vapour deposition 2. Attended the 17th "China International Industry Fair"


1. Technological achievements nominated by Shanghai and Technology Commission of Shanghai Municipality and attended the "Twelfth Five-Year" National Science and Technology Innovation Exhibition 2. Attended Applied Superconductivity Conference 3. Industrial Design Gold Award in the 18th China International Industry Fair

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