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2G-HTS Wires

Shanghai Superconductor employs physical vapor deposition to manufacture 2G HTS(ReBCO)wires with world leading electrical properties at high magnetic field and low temperature, excellent critical current densities (Ic) at high magnetic field and low temperature, stable coil winding performance (without Ic degradation), excellent overcurrent shock resistance and superior mechanical properties.

Superconducting Induction Heating System

Superconducting induction heating system is a subversive technology for aluminium metal extrusion. It realizes DC induction heating through electromagnetic coils made of superconducting materials. Compared with regular heating system, the superconducting heating system is efficient in energy saving and can metals which have excellent temperature uniformity, better mechanical properties and fatigue resistance. The obtained metals are especially suited in military applications, aerospace, high speed railways and luxury automotives.

Vacuum Deposition Systems

We aim to manufacture the most reliable and handiest vacuum deposition equipment for research and production, where each and every component can be designed and tailored to your requirement. Our products include Evaporation Deposition, Magnetron Sputtering Deposition, Ion Beam Assisted Deposition, Pulsed Laser Deposition and various parts. Those customized equipment can be used in multi-fields such as HTSC, photovoltaic, optical film,surface engineering, semiconductor, dielectric materials and so on.

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